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FMS Plane 1100mm PC-21 PNP kit FMS087 *


FMS Pilatus PC-21, 1100 mm wingspan, PNP kit.

The high cost anti-collision design of foam box.
FMS invest not only on the airplane design but also on the foam box. CNC molding for the box makes the airplane parts fit inside the box 100% exactly. Double cost is the difference comparing the normal molding. Two weeks designing on the 3D graph, which makes the final work detailed and quite strong. Before mass production, a series of crash tests against the four angles and six sides is needed. 

Install in 15 mins with absolutely no glue.
Glue is unacceptable to most players. Here we offer you the most thoughtful airplane, which can be assembled with no glue - just a couple of screws. It takes only 10 mins or less to finish installing work for an experienced player, and about 15 mins for beginner. 

99% scaled appearance.
With over one months research on the different resource, the engineers get the most specific and accurate drawing data and work on it. Our team focus on every detail, every skin line, every rivet position, every paint color. 5 blades propeller, retractable landing gear, flaps, scale pilot, all of the above give this airplane more distinction.
The latest foaming material
The airplanes in the market are always made with low-ratio & high-density foam particles due to the low cost, which cause the plane heavy and fly not well. PC-21 adopts the latest high-ratio & low-density EPO 52, which alleviates the airplane weight at around 15%, greatly optimizing the flying performance without weakening the airplane. 

The environmental water-based paint
Oil paint is low cost paint which will cause some disadvantages like high corrosion (which deforms the airplane in hot summer), environmental damage, and harm to human health. Water-based paint is non-corroding, environmentally friendly, and safer to human health. This high cost paint could protect the fragile foam parts under any condition. To bring you a green and safe product, water-based paint is now used on this model.

A nicely-controlled PC-21
It is a mutual work of engineers all over the world. The model was unceasingly tested and corrected in the past months. You could operate stably without gyro and land confidently without flap. As long as you are familiar with the remote control, you could fly this model well.



Overall Length 1235mm/48.6 in 

Flying Weight Around 1680g 

Motor Size Brushless 3541-KV750


Servo 9g Servo x 7

Radio 6 Channel

CG (center of gravity) 90-95mm (From Leading Edge)

Prop Size 10*7, 5 blades

Recommended Battery Li-Po 14.8V 2600-3300mAh

Aileron Yes

Elevator Yes 

Rudder Yes 

Flaps Yes

Retracts Yes

Approx. Flying Duration 5-8 minutes

Minimum Age Recommendation14+

Experience Level Intermediate

Recommended Environment Outdoor

Assembly Time 20 minutes

Is Assembly Required Yes

Material EPO

Package Options PNP

Requires PNP requires Radio System, Battery and ChargerWhat you need to complete

Radio System, Battery and Charger

Data sheet

  • Manufacturer : FMS