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Home » Aeronaut Plane Blade 2 jet 1.402mm Span # 135600 **

Aeronaut Plane Blade 2 jet 1.402mm Span # 135600 **


Wingspan [mm] 1404

Length [mm] 1022

Weight [g] 2600-3800

Wing area [dm²] 35,6

Wing loading [g/dm²] 73-106

RC functions 
elevator, ailerons, motor control

A simply superlative electric ducted-fan jet model, designed for the experienced and highly demanding EDF pilot. This model sets new standards with its pair of 90 mm high-performance ducted fan units, giving impressive climb performance and superb flight characteristics at high speed. With its futuristic, aerodynamically efficient good looks the Blade 2 is anything but an everyday electric jet model, and makes a real head-turner at any flying site.. This CAD-designed model is produced from CAM-produced moulds, and offers a level of performance which is scarcely credible from an electric jet, due primarily to its efficient aerodynamics and lightweight all-GRP construction. Our design brief called for maximum possible power system efficiency, so particular emphasis was placed on a short air duct in the area of the impeller units.

Special features:

Straightforward to hand-launch using a simple rubber cord catapult (no launch ramp or assistant required)

Removable fuselage nose for convenient battery swapping (also making the model easy to transport)

Good access to impeller units (simple, fast installation) Integral air duct

Removable fuselage top section for easy RC component installation

Aerial and servo leads pre-fitted in the wing

Forced internal ventilation ensures effective cooling of batteries and power electronics

CFRP reinforced main spar and D-box for maximum torsional strength.