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Home » Aeronaut Plane Raab Motorkrähe Glider 2.700mm Span # 136500 **

Aeronaut Plane Raab Motorkrähe Glider 2.700mm Span # 136500 **

  • Wingspan [mm] 2700
  • Length [mm] 1570
  • Weight [g] 3100
  • Wing area [dm²] 67
  • Wing loading [g/dm²] 45-47
  • RC functions elevator, ailerons, rudder, motor control

The Motorkrähe (motor-crow) is a model of a unique full-size aircraft which constantly underwent modification. The special feature of the type is the engine location, which is well protected behind the crew pod, yet located within the tail booms. The model's front fuselage section is of GRP, while the tail booms and tail panels are supplied in kit-form, with all parts CNC-cut. The wings are of built-up construction, factory-assembled, and only require covering.

Kit contents:

Comprehensive building instructions with drawings and parts list, white-pigmented GRP front fuselage section, factory-assembled wing frames, CNC-machined parts for tailplane, fin and tail booms, all necessary accessories and decal sheet.