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Home » Valenta #02 ASH 31 - 6.080mm Span Scale Glider *******

Valenta #02 ASH 31 - 6.080mm Span Scale Glider *******

  • Wingspan : 6.080mm
  • Fuselage length : 2.060mm
  • Aerofoil : HQW 2,5 / 12-9%
  • Surface wings : 103 dm2
  • Surface elevator : 9,8 dm2
  • Surface load : 100,8 gram/dm2
  • 4-pieces wings, the longest is the central wing/panel 1.880mm


lacquered four-part wing outer layer carbon + inner layer glass with built-in aluminum brakes (double locking) and snap-on winglets (main wing 1880mm + outner wings and winglets)

square carbon main wing joiner with the possibility of adding a load
2x square carbon helping wing joiner
lacquered Laminate fuselage reinforced from the centerplane to the end of the fuselage with carbon, front glass for 2.4 GHz with finished and installed cabin frame and cabin, dashboard and seat.

Servo covers, main connectors in the centerplane and cable linkage in the fuselage and wings
carbon-reinforced laminate elevator/STAB
carbon-reinforced laminate rudder
Small mechanical parts for RC installation
Stickers numbers and name of model on the fuselage and wing

parts for LDS system for KST servos + servo frames

excluded :

  • Landing gear
  • All the electronics

Recommend servos :

For wings : 8x KST X10
For elevator :1x KST X 10mini

For rudder : 1x KST X10 -710


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