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Home » Parts Retracts landinggear nosewheel (FEMA) for gliders 3-7kg, assembled with Rubber Wheel 70mm - # 9833A **

Parts Retracts landinggear nosewheel (FEMA) for gliders 3-7kg, assembled with Rubber Wheel 70mm - # 9833A **


Retractable undercarriage (FEMA) for gliders 3-7kg, mounted with solid rubber wheel 70mm and bracket

An EZFW is an absolute must for a scale or semi-scale model. The "FEMA retractable undercarriages" have been used very successfully for years and have proven themselves 1000 times over in rough flight operations. Mr Gardemin wrote in his review of retractable landing gear:
"The FEMA retractable undercarriages are designed without any technical frills, but 100% functional and stable."

FEMA is still committed to this statement and is the maxim for further development. The new generation of FEMA retractable undercarriages for tall ships is a consistent further development of the proven retractable undercarriages that FEMA has been manufacturing since 1988.

The EZFW are characterized by the following features:

Reliable function. Both end positions locked.
Highly effective wheel brake (optionally retrofittable) for safety for the model and the environment.
Spring-loaded installation (can be retrofitted as an option) for extremely smooth landings.
Robust attachment in the fuselage in two plywood frames.
Installation height in the fuselage variable within wide limits.
With the servo holder, the assembly of 1 to 4 servos is easily possible (landing gear, F-tow, rudder and elevator)
The spring steel wheel bracket ensures that the fuselage flaps function reliably.
Detailed installation instructions facilitate installation.
With these EZFW FEMA sets new standards in terms of quality, modularity and price.

The retractable undercarriages have a modular structure and can therefore be optimally adapted to all operating conditions. The undercarriages can be installed either firmly between two fuselage frames or with springs. In connection with the solid rubber wheels from FEMA, these retractable undercarriages can cope with the most extreme loads.

For standard applications in rough operating conditions, the rigid installation between 2 fuselage frames has proven to be ideal. For buttery soft landings on hard slopes, we recommend spring-loaded installation. The gas pressure spring ensures optimal damping even on the hardest landings. The damping can be adapted to the model weight by means of three available damping variants. You can calculate the required spring force of the gas pressure spring using the following rule of thumb:

Spring force (N) = model weight in kg x 40 (1kg ~ -t10N). Gas pressure springs are available with spring forces of 200N, 300N, 400N. For models over 10kg in weight, 2 gas pressure springs (over 20kg 3 pieces) must be installed.

For the safety of your model and the environment, we recommend installing a wheel brake, regardless of whether you install the chassis fixed or spring-loaded. The wheel brake is operated by a servo and can be used very sensitively despite the high braking force. When installing the EZFW rigidly, the brake servo can be mounted on the front fastening rib or directly on the chassis frame.

In the case of spring-loaded installation, the brake servo must be attached to the chassis frame so that the wheel brake also works reliably when the EZFW is compressed. If the brake servo is attached to the chassis frame, the reversing lever, order no. 9890/22 required.