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Home » Valenta #50 Thermik XXXL 4.900mm Span Sports Glider *******

Valenta #50 Thermik XXXL 4.900mm Span Sports Glider *******


The experience with handling this model is very similar to flying a real glider. The model is suitable for flying in big slopes (the Alps' flying) and therefore is quite sturdy. It flies excellent in thermics, but is also supplied in electro version, since with its wing span of 5m it is desirable to pull the model quickly up to a required altitude with electro motor. In spite of large wing span is the model shipped in small package: length 195 cm , width 45 cm , height (thickness) 18 cm. Fuselage we can make either from kevlar+glass+glass canopy or from kevlar+ carbon+carbon canopy.

  • Wingspan [mm] : 4.940
  • Flying weight approx [kg] : 5,250
  • Fuselage length [mm] : 1.900
  • Aerofoil : MH32/SD7037
  • Surface wings [dm2]: 104,1
  • CG : 92-96mm from leading edge
  • Amount of functions : 4-6

excluded :

  • All the electronics, props, motor, ESC, etc
  • Transport bags
  • Towing gear
  • Decals unless descriped or ordered optional

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