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Home » Valenta #57 Sharon 3.700mm Span Sports Glider F3J *******

Valenta #57 Sharon 3.700mm Span Sports Glider F3J *******


Legendary model Sharon with many successes in category F3J between years 2000 till 2007 is excellent option for thermic flying.
Model Sharon is model of competition for category F3J, excels by placid stabil flight and has excellent gliding range 1:68. With model is possible also holiday flying on slope and this model can all for glider usual aeral acrobatics elements get trough. Model is suitable for electric drive in performance with motor on pylone. This model we can directly as variant electro under catalogue number 57b in section sports models deliver.

For this model you can buy a wing and tail protection bags made from lined silver foil, as well as for transport these can help protect your wings and elevator against the heat produced by the sun. More information can be found in the Accessories section of the website.

  • Wingspan [mm] : 3.705
  • Category : F3J
  • Flying weight approx [kg] : from 2,45
  • Scale ratio :na
  • Fuselage length [mm] : 1.620
  • Aerofoil : SD7037 / RG15
  • Surface wings [dm2]: 75
  • Amount of functions : 4-6
  • COG : 96-97mm from leading edge

excluded :

  • All the electronics, props, motor, ESC, etc
  • Transport bags
  • Towing gear
  • Decals unless descriped or ordered optional

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