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Valenta #54 Eso 3.000mm Span Sports Glider F3B F3F *******


This product will be produced after the order is paid. After that we will contact you about all the options selected to confirm the order so that you will be 100% satisfied. As this is an handmade and custommade product, it takes a little longer as it is not in stock. The production-time at the moment is approx. 3-4 months, based on our experience the last period. When we will receive the order we can give a more accurate production-time.

At the moment we’re suffering a lot of increase of shipping costs and production costs, therefore prices could be higher then you would expected, we’re very sorry for this.


Team RCLeo.com


Here are the specs of the product :

ESO is all laminated competition model. Its excellent flying properties are suitable for all fly tasks for category F3B models. It may be very well used in category F3F as well. The ESO model is interesting for its new construction elements and nice design. It can be supplied in electro version. The model is made in versions: laminate, laminate with carbon D-box, laminate with kevlar wing, laminate with carbon wing. Use of the model:
Standard flight: laminate version Energetic flight: D-box version or kevlar version
Extreme flying (DS- flight): carbon version (there is used a very sturdy wing connection, this version is suitable for DS-flight).

  • Wingspan [mm] : 3.045
  • Category : F3F F3B
  • Flying weight approx [kg] : from 2,25
  • Scale ratio : na
  • Fuselage length [mm] : 1.560
  • Aerofoil : VJV45
  • Surface wings [dm2]: 59,6
  • Amount of functions : 4-5
  • COG : 102-106mm from leading edge

excluded :

  • All the electronics, props, motor, ESC, etc
  • Transport bags
  • Towing gear
  • Decals unless descriped or ordered optional

See below for more options




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