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EAN 4548565395590


Kyosho Seawind Readyset (KT431S)

The royal class!

The Seawind is the flagship of KYOSHO's sailing fleet.
The design was based on the famous racers from the sailing regattas “Round the World”. All design efforts were put into uncompromising performance. The result is impressive. The keel, the keel fin and the hull have been optimized so that the wetted area is particularly small. This ensures a minimum of friction and a maximum of speed. Therefore the keel fin was made very narrow. The ballast consists of a “torpedo bomb”, has a very high proportion of weight and ensures a high righting moment. The lines of the foredeck are very narrow. This is the best way to cut waves. The boat then becomes wide towards the stern and has a sharp tear-off edge on the transom. Overall, these measures result in less wave formation, which in turn ultimately leads to high speed. The rig is ¾ rigged. The upper end of the mast is free and can easily rebound in bad weather. This has a stabilizing effect on the sailing properties.

The rig is trimmed over the upper and lower shrouds. There is also a massive boom vang made of aluminum turned parts. In this way, the bend and dynamic behavior of the mast can be adjusted to the corresponding weather conditions. The Seawind is delivered completely ready-to-drive as a ready-set. The KYOSHO Perfex remote control system with 2.4 GHz is already installed in the model. Overall, the boat is a thoroughbred racing sailboat that is easy to master even for beginners. The model offers everything the ambitious sailor is looking for, stability, speed, maneuverability and, as always with Kyosho, looks. Whether on the water or on land, the Seawind always cuts a fine figure and stands out from the crowd.

Technical data:

Length: 998 mm;

Width: 226 mm;

Height: 1.850 mm;

Weight: 3.000 g;

Sail area: 39 dm²


Product details:

- ReadySet assembled ready to drive

- 2.4GHz KT-21 Perfex remote control system

- Light hull made of ABS, multi-colored lacquered

- Lovingly reproduced fittings

- Mast parts made of high-quality aluminum

- Pre-sewn sails made of light special fiber

- Ready for use in a few minutes without tools

- Top performance on the water

- Wooden ship stand included