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Krick Grunau Baby 1:4 Vintage glider kit 3.392mm Span # 10110 **

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Krick Grunau Baby 1:4 Vintage glider kit 3.392mm Span # 10110  **

EAN 4025792000041

Grunau Baby 1:4 Construction Kit


The Grunau Baby was created in 1932 as an improvement of the ESG 31 Stanavo developed by Edmund Schneider and Wolf Hirth. Soon it became the most popular exercise glider and many pilots were flying their silver C.
The aircraft has been developed over the years to the class III, but the type II b was the most widespread. This series was therefore also used as a model for our Scale models. The model was executed exactly on a scale of 1: 6 and 1: 4. On changes to the outer shape was consistently omitted, so that also rib spacing, end strips and planking match the model. The wing is strewn as in the original.
Due to the angular hull shape, the construction of the model is not as difficult as for example with a Minimoa, but experience in dealing with balsa wood is absolutely necessary.
The kit contains all wooden parts carefully punched as well as all metal and hinge parts.


Technical specifications:
Scale 1: 4
Span 3392 mm
Length 1522 mm
Wing area 88.75 dm²
Tailplane surface area 14.50 dm²
Weight about 2800 g
Surface load approx. 25 g / dm²

Optional Equipment:
10114 Set of spoilers

This products has to be build, it is not ready yet

The kit only containts the kit :

  • No electronics
  • No additional hardware
  • No battery