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Home » Krick Klemm L25d E Lasercut kit 1.859mm Span # 10280 ***

Krick Klemm L25d E Lasercut kit 1.859mm Span # 10280 ***


EAN 4025792143915

RC-Model Klemm 25d Laser cut Kit

In the years around 1935, the Klemm 25 was certainly the most popular sports aircraft in Germany. This was particularly evident in 1935, when no less than 111 Klemm 25 of the d and e series took off for the German flight of 161 registered aircraft. The Klemm 25 has been one of the most popular modular models in the Krick range for many years.

It was therefore time to adapt this design to the latest production and construction methods. Thanks to the targeted use of laser technology, all plywood and balsa wood parts are designed in such a way that a plug-in construction has been created that is simple and self-explanatory, is a lot of fun and very quickly produces a beautiful, warp-free shell without any special aids. Nevertheless, importance was still attached to the scale loyalty and the achievement of the exemplary flight characteristics of this classic.

Compared to the previous design, many model aircraft requests for modern design have been introduced. Now the wing centre section with landing gear is firmly connected to the fuselage and both wing halves are attached. The aileron servos are located in the wing. Furthermore, the entire cockpit area from the bonnet has been designed to be removable with a magnetic holder for optimum and convenient access to the RC area. With all these improvements, the model is still as light as its predecessor and has the same impressive flight characteristics as the original.

The kit contains all wooden parts cut out in the finest laser quality, all linkage parts, cockpit windows, chassis parts and wheels, the deep-drawn bonnet and the decal sheet with the inscription. A detailed illustrated building instruction makes the construction very easy. Covering material, adhesives and paints are not included.

Technical Specifications
Scale 1:7
Wingspan 1859 mm
Length 1071 mm
Wing area 40,80 dm²
Elevator area 6,50 dm²
Flying weight approx. 2000 g
Wing loading approx. 43 g/dm²

Required accessories
42304 Brushless drive set with motor, propeller and controller
-- LiPo-batterie 11,1V approx. 3000 mAh
79053 2x Mini servo 940D with metalgears (ailerons)
79053 2x Mini servo 940D with metalgears or similar Size (Rudder and Elevator)
44030 oder 44031 Speedbond withe glue 112 g oder 500 g
45670 UHU Endfest 300 33g glue
-- Bespannfolie Oracover light antikyellow

This products has to be build, it is not ready yet

The kit only containts the kit :

  • No electronics
  • No additional hardware
  • No battery