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Krick SG38 Vintage School Glider Kit 2.602mm Span # 10140 *

€395.00 €375.00
Krick SG38 Vintage School Glider Kit 2.602mm Span # 10140  *

EAN 025792000201

Do you think you could fly with one of these? No? Then you belong to the young generation. Ask a "seasoned" gentleman of approx. 60 years. He may tell you with shining eyes about the beautiful, original flying on the slope, where every take-off was a joint performance with the loudly called command to the team on the rubber launch rope:

Take it off - - Run - - Go!


And after the half-minute horn the plane had to be towed up the slope again by everyone!

The SG-38 was designed for slope and winch launching. The designers Schneider, Rehberg and Hofmann had developed an aircraft that was suitable for do-it-yourself construction in the pilot groups. Well-known school gliders such as "Hol's der Teufel", "Zögling" or "Schädelspalter" were the inspiration.

The model was consistently designed according to original documents on a scale of 1:4. Of course, the wooden construction method was retained. The lower part of the fuselage was widened by a few millimetres to accommodate the remote control. All other dimensions correspond to the original.

The model kit contains all the materials required for construction such as a large construction plan, detailed assembly instructions with perspective drawings, punched balsa and plywood parts, all fittings, rollers and pulleys, but not pilot dummy, covering material, paint and adhesives.

Technical data:

Scale 1:4
Wingspan 2602 mm
Length 1705 mm
Wing area 105 dm²
Tailplane area 19 dm²
Weight from 3.6 kg

This products has to be build, it is not ready yet

The kit only containts the kit :

  • No electronics
  • No additional hardware
  • No battery