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Krick Habicht Wooden kit glider 1.680mm Span # 11877 **

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EAN 4025792000546

Beginner model Habicht Lasercut Woodkit

Two models in a box. The two-axle glider for sailing and electric flying


Our completely new HABICHT, constructed in CAD and manufactured in CNC laser technology, is the ideal entry-level model for model aircraft. Even the experienced model builder will enjoy it. The construction of the model is deliberately kept very simple and is thus also easy to manage by the inexperienced model builder. All components are laser-cut with high precision. The building instruction with numerous pictures leads well through the construction.

The model is controlled by elevator and rudder, in the electric version also with motor control. The wing profile was developed from the profiles of modern high-performance models and gives HABICHT a high glide performance with low sink rate. Also the model penetrates well against stronger wind. The V-shape of the wing has been reduced to give the model excellent manoeuvrability, yet high inherent stability.


The hull is made of a few plywood and balsa wood parts. It is very robust and forgives many a hard landing. The canopy is removed via a magnetic lock so that there is convenient access to the flight battery (electric version) and the fittings. The wing is secured with rubber bands. It is a light ribbed construction, which is planked on the surface in the nose area. The tail units are constructed from lasered individual parts.


For the completion of the model only the ironing foil is necessary beside glue and a little tool (knives, pins, sandpaper, flat nose pliers and scissors) for covering.


The RC equipment of the glider requires a receiver battery with approx. 1,000 mAh and switch, the receiver with 2-4 channels and two servos with 15,5 mm width. Light motors with 26 or 28 mm diameter, a suitable BEC controller and a 3s-LiPo with approx. 1,300 mAh are intended to power the electric version - a very economical drive combination.

Thanks to the divided wing, the model is also easy to transport in a backpack, on a bicycle and in small cars. The glider can also be launched on the slope with the rubber rope in the plain. The electric version is also in no way inferior to the glider in terms of gliding characteristics.


HABICHT Electric flight
Wingspan: 1,680 mm
length: 1.050 mm
Tare weight: 430 g
Weight in flight: approx. 760 g
area: 32,34 qdm
Wing loading: 23.5 g/qdm


Wingspan: 1,680 mm
length: 1.035 mm
Tare weight: 460 g
Weight in flight: approx. 650 g
area: 32,34 qdm
Wing loading: 20.1 g/qdm

Recommended accessories
|42305| Drive set Habicht (electric motor version only) |79053| Midi Servo 2530D MG-BB Digital 2x
|44030| Speedbond/White glue DELUXE/UHU
|419001| Balsa knife with blades
|490050| Model building bumpers
|490190| Abrasive paper assortment
|492186| Flat nose pliers
Covering film (available in specialist shops) Transmitter and receiver (available in specialist shops) Receiver battery and switch (Only for the glider version - available in specialist shops)



This products has to be build, it is not ready yet

The kit only containts the kit :

  • No electronics
  • No additional hardware
  • No battery