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Robbe Modellsport CHARTER XS KIT "MADE IN GERMANY" Trainer 810mm Span # 3279 *


EAN 4251317504538

Park flyer in wood construction. Charterle closes the gap between the Trainer Charter and the indoor model Mini Charter. The light all wood model shows the typical, inherently stable flight characteristics of a parkflyer with a supporting wing profile. Simple aerobatics such as loops, turns and reels are possible because all oars are controlled. The power-adapted BL motor is powered by a 2-3-cell 350 mAh LiPo battery and allows flight times of 8 - 9 minutes. Due to the high level of prefabrication of all parts and the good-natured flight characteristics, Charter XS is equally suitable for beginners and relaxed flying after work.


Recommended Equipment
Radio from 4 Channels with Receiver
Brushless-Outrunner 2220 1300KV
Propeller 8 x 3,8 No. 54000013
Brushless-Regulator BEC 10-12A 2-3s LiPo
2x No. S0307 Servo RoVoR 3,7g (Aileron)
2x No. S0009 Servo RoVoR S0009 9g (Rudder and Elevator)
1x No. 6600NXE LiPo battery robbe NXE-Power EVO 2S450/30C or
1x No. 6601NXE LiPo battery robbe NXE-Power EVO 3S450/30C
Plugs for power supply
Shrink-on tube
LiPo-Charger + Equipment

necessary Covering
Wings: ca. 900 x 300 mm
Fuselage: ca. 600 x 400 mm
Elevator: ca. 350 x 300 mm
Rudder: ca. 300 x 250 mm

Our wooden construction kits are developed and manufactured in Germany. We are proud to be able to offer you a model with the predicate "Made in Germany".

Box contents


  • Lasercut Wood-modules incl. rudder-horns and holms
  • CFK-Pipe for nose-bar
  • Light, 2mm wire for undercarriage
  • 0,8mm wire for rudder-stearing
  • Bits and pieces for assembling
  • Instructions with illustrations and 1:1 construction plan


Flying weight : 330 gram

Span (mm):810

Required / not included :

Lipo :2-3S/350mAh 26C LiXX

Motor:BL 2220 1300KV



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