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Home » Robbe CALIMA ARF HIGH PERFORMANCE Glider + 4-FLAP WINGS 3.800mm Span # 2639 **
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Robbe CALIMA ARF HIGH PERFORMANCE Glider + 4-FLAP WINGS 3.800mm Span # 2639 **


EAN 9010189150305


The CALIMA is the new thermal and all-round giant at Robbe. It has various attachable wing- and tiplets and is therefore easily variable in its wingspan. It can therefore be adapted to different conditions and requirements of the pilot. The pendulum elevator is simply held in place by magnets on the fuselage. The PNP version comes with pre-installed servos, electrical connectors and original Multilocks for wing protection.
The flight characteristics are extremely good-natured. The CALIMA can be used as a slow thermal glider or as an all-rounder to move a little faster.
The fully covered wings are constructed of a styro core, glass fibre layers, Abachi planking and a carbon fibre reinforced spar. The ratio of weight to strength has been optimally achieved.
The CALIMA is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced model pilots.


  • four-part, ready Oracover covered Styro/GfK/Abachi wing with steel wingjoiner
  • continuous sandwich beam (carbon-pine-carbon) for maximum bending stiffness
  • built-in digital Robbe servos with ball bearings and solid metal gearbox (PNP only)
  • ready wiring of all servos with MPX 6-pin connectors between wing and fuselage (PNP only)
  • ready ironed rudder flaps with mounted rudder horns
  • lacquered FRP fuselage with built-in wooden frames and carbon reinforcements
  • powerful Ro-Power 3522 1100 K/V outrunner, optimized for 4S (PNP only)
  • large canopy for easy battery replacement
  • ready hinged rudder
  • prefabricated rudder linkage with articulated parts from German production
  • ready-cut servo shaft and linkage covers
  • anodised aluminium spinner with straight centre section (PNP only)
  • high-strength carbon fibre propeller 14x8" (PNP only)
  • modern, highly visible design


Box contents

- Model CALIMA ARF, ready covered with Oracover
- lacquered GfK/CfK fuselage
- Elevator made of balsa with CfK/magnet plug connection
- Round steel plug for main wing and extension wing
- Small parts (rudder horns, rods, fork heads, covers, etc.)
- Instructions in German/English/French

Flying weight : 4.700 grams

Lipo :4-5S/4000-5000mAh LiXX

Motor : RO-POWER TORQUE 4226-570


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