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Robbe Cyclone Glider Cyclone XT 6.200mm Span PNP GfK+4pc wing+Abachi # 2666 XL *


EAN 9010189221821

The CYCLONE XT is the consistent further development of its predecessor CYCLONE. With an incredible wingspan of 6,20m, it is the giant in the electric glider sky! The epithet XT stands for "extended". The model has a painted GRP fuselage and two 2-piece wings with Abachi planking and GRP carpet pad. Its new LS 6330-15 brushless drive is rated for 8S LiPo operation for powerful climbs and easy takeoff from the launch trolley.
The outer wing design, electrical wing mating using MPX connectors in mounting frames and the new LS 6330-15 long shaft drive motor are the main features of the new Cyclone XT, along with the increased wingspan. The canopy latch has been moved to the rear under the wing/fuselage moldings as is common with large scale model gliders.
The successful HQ/W airfoil has been left in place. It runs from an HQ/W-2.5/12 at the root rib to an HQ/W-2.5/11 in the center and finishes at the winglet with an HQ/W-3/10.5. This is an excellent way to fly extended thermal flights, as this is the CYCLONE XT's profession. The flight characteristics are as usual good-natured and quiet.


- New Ro-Power Torque LS 6330-15 drive for 8S LiPo (PNP version only).
- Two-piece fuselage made of GFRP/Kevlar reinforced with CFRP
-Wings completely covered with abachi for high compressive strength
-Ready covered with ORACOVER®
-Four-part wing, separable
-Wings pluggable with MPX connectors in mounting frame for electrical connection (PNP version only)
-Solid 14x500mm round steel mating of the inner surfaces, 12x375mm carbon mating for the outer wings
-Middle wings on the upper side completely underlaid with 200g carbon fabric, underside 80g glass fabric
-Outer wings completely underlaid with 80g glass mat
-New canopy lock under wing
-High quality M3 linkage accessories Made in Germany
- Stable elevator linkage with 5/3 mm CFRP tube and M3 clevises
-Reinforced tail construction
-Continuous sandwich spar (carbon-pine-carbon) for maximum bending stiffness
-Precisely fitted anti-twist devices in all wing sections
-High degree of prefabrication

Box contents

- Model CYCLONE XT almost ready to fly prefabricated
- Built-in Ro-Power Torque LS 6330-15 for 8S operation
- 50mm aluminum spinner with 20x8 CfK prop
- Ready built in servos FS-0150 HV BB MG
- Ready built in 6-pin wing connectors in mounting frame
- Pre-installed multilock system
- Two-piece fuselage made of GRP/Kevlar CFK reinforced
- Abachi planked wings, GRP/CFRP reinforced
- Ready covered with ORACOVER
- Assembly instructions in German/English/French


Flight weight approx. (g):11.400



Required Battery:8S/5000-7000mAh LiXX (not included)

Required Engine:Ro-Power Torque LS 6330-15 (not included)


Wing-span (mm):6.200