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Lineair micro servo motor left (L)


Motor position - see picture

Functional features:

- Mini standard JST plug

- FUTABA standard cable

- Red cable: positive pole

- Black cable: negative pole

- White cable: signal



- Model:GS-1502

- Weight:1.8g (including line)

- Speed: 0.11 second@3.7V

- Torque: 160g/cm

- Rotation angle: up to 180°

- Voltage: 3.7V-5V

- Gear type: nylon

- Size (L * W * H): 21.4×15.2×6mm

- Type: digital

- Application: ultra-micro aircraft

- Stroke: about 10MM



The control method of this kind of steering gear is the same as the control method of digital steering gear---change the linear displacement by changing the duty cycle.



The red wire of this servo is the positive pole, the black wire is the negative pole, and the white wire is the signal wire. Please make sure that the wire sequence of the receiver is the same as that of the servo before connecting to the receiver to prevent burnout.

Packed : 1 piece

Due to updates picture can be different from the actual version, but specs in desciption will be correct