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Home » Sale : Carl Goldberg 67" YAK ARF # GBG-A-1044 ****

Sale : Carl Goldberg 67" YAK ARF # GBG-A-1044 ****

€550.00 €509.00
Sale : Carl Goldberg 67" YAK ARF # GBG-A-1044 ****

Unlimited Aerobatics!

Master the sky with the Carl Goldberg Products 77″ Yak 54 ARF. This lightweight airshow champ is capable of unlimited aerobatics; executing any sequence you can dream up, including full-stall thrust vectored maneuvers.

The 77″ Yak 54 ARF’s double beveled enlarged control surfaces and airfoiled tailgroup provide outstanding flight characteristics. It uses independent dual servos for each aileron, and an optional dual servo rudder setup for rock solid handling. With the CGP 77″ Yak 54 ARF you’ll perform with the confidence that only a great-flying model can inspire.

Carl Goldberg’s 77″ Yak 54 ARF is built with the quality craftsmanship you expect from an experienced builder. This 90% pre-built ARF has an all-wood airframe, jig built from lasercut parts, to ensure accurate and lightweight construction. The two-piece wing & stab lets you easily transport to the flying field. Inside you’ll find a painted aluminum landing gear, fiberglass cowl, and fiberglass wheel pants. We’ve also included a complete hardware package, tinted plastic canopy, and a great color scheme from premium iron on covering.

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