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Kyosho Inferno MP10 TKI2 1:8 4WD RC Nitro Buggy Kit car # K.33022B *


EAN 4548565395965


MP10 evolves with even greater performance for racing battle

For the never-ending pursuit of victory




For many years the MP9 was at the pinnacle of 1/8 engine racing buggies. Having inherited that DNA, the MP10 embodies new generation re-engineering across the machine with the TKI2 model representing this continued evolution to write another chapter in the storied history of the Inferno series. About 1 year has passed since the release of the Inferno MP10. Based on rigorous test data from actual racing, the TKI2 has been modified to fine-tune performance improvement. Front and rear shock stays have been lengthened together with the actual shocks to improve convergence, especially from jumps to landings. In addition to reinforced shock caps and pistons equipped with 5 x φ1.5 holes as standard (previously optional), improvements to various other parts have enhanced the performance across the chassis. A completely new body design improves aerodynamics for sharper handling characteristics. Of course body selection is a setting option, so the previous body design can also deliver optimal performance depending on course conditions. With a combination of newly designed components and race-proven optional parts included as standard, the new TKI2 promises world-class performance that will exceed expectations.




●his model represents the continuous evolution of the Inferno MP10 built on its racing achievements around the world
●Revised reduction ratio delivers improved maneuverability from the proven speed and reliability of the inherited shaft-driven 4WD system
●Broad ranging modifications have greatly improve handling characteristics
●Competition-level model features a combination of newly designed components and race-proven optional parts included as standard
●Lengthened diaphragm-type front and rear oil shocks promise excellent handling stability
●Addition of collar between the steering rod and knuckle arm optimize bump steer characteristics
●Uniquely designed body incorporates the latest aerodynamic technology


■Length 490mm
■Width  307mm
■Height  180mm
■Ground clearance 28mm
■Wheelbase 325mm
■Tread(F/R) 254mm
■Tires(F/R) sold separately
■Gear Ratio 12.1:1
■Weight 3,360g(approx.)
■Engine 21Class (sold separately)


<Kit Contents>
●Unassembled chassis kit
●Special wheels
●Special clear body
●Window mask seal
●Logo decals
●Fuel tube
●Linkage parts
●Clutch parts
●Air cleaner
●Ring gear grease
●1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm Hexagonal wrench
●Cross wrench
●Wheel wrench


<Required for Operation>

●2-channel 2-servo R/C system for cars
●Compatible batteries for R/C system
●21 engine
●Tires w/foam inserts for 1/8 buggy
●Starter box
●Plug heater
●Fuel bottle
●Oil for air cleaner
●Shock oil
●Diff oil
●Paint for car body