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Home » Kyosho IC Tag Lap Counter Ⅱ w/timing software # 32013 *******

Kyosho IC Tag Lap Counter Ⅱ w/timing software # 32013 *******


EAN 4548565374823



Newly designed IC lap counter provides adaptable installation and precision time measurement.



Newly designed next generation KYOSHO IC Tag Lap Counter ‘II’ can be connected to a PC for easy time measurement of small indoor RC cars equipped with IC tags.
Place the lap time detector (antenna) underneath the carpet or urethane course and the special measuring software records the lap times of cars mounted with IC tags as they pass over it. The evolved ‘II’ version delivers improved usability with the following enhancements.


*Lap time detector length increased from 1m to 2m
The 1m width of Kyosho’s original lap time detector which was compatible with 2 urethane panels of the MINI-Z Grand Prix Circuit 50, has been increased to 2m in the Lap Counter II. Previously, the lap time detector needed to be installed at narrow parts of the course such as chicanes. The 2m detector in the new version can be installed in wider sections on the course allowing greater course width for beginners to drive. Also, due to the extra width, mini RC cars (resin chassis only) other than the Kyosho MINI-Z fitted with an IC tag can be run on indoor carpet courses. Now its easier than ever for course owners to introduce a simpler lap measurement system.


*Max speed of measurement increased to 28km/h (from 17km/h approx.)
Together with increased width, the lap detector can measure at speeds up to 28km/h allowing it to be installed at straight sections of the course. Previous restrictions on installation at chicanes with maximum measurement speed of 17km/h have been lifted, providing increased flexibility for installation and operation.


*Continues measuring other cars, even if a car stops on the measurement line
The Lap Counter II features a new function that continues to measure other cars even if one stops on top of the lap time detector line. The new ‘invalidate car stopped on detector’ function allows the race recording to continue without having to manually adjust times afterwards.


*The function to disable is not 100% effective in all circumstances.
*If passing at exactly the same time, like the previous version, it may not be possible to measure.

*Simultaneous measurement of up to 9 cars is possible. (When using the included software.)
*Includes special measurement software compatible with Windows 10 (previous version was compatible with Windows XP SP2). (The measurement software is the same as the previous version.)
*Equipped with three modes: free running mode, lap race (e.g. 3-lap race) and normal race mode (eg 2-minute lap race).
*Records displayed for individual machines: total time, total number of laps, best lap, best lap ranking.
*Data can be viewed and cleared for each machine without stopping measurement.
*Equipped with an edit function that allows the machine name in the IC tag to be edited.


<Operating System Requirements>
*CPU: Pentium 3 1GHz or higher
*OS:Windows 10
*USB port: At least one free USB Ver2.0 port
*Free HDD capacity: 100MB or more on the drive containing the OS
*System requirements, instruction manual, necessary drivers, and measurement software can be downloaded from the Kyosho website once connected to the internet.


Kit Contents
*Lap time detector (2m)
*USB cable (   m)
*Startup guide



Software Lap Counter
Archive – 1,2 MB 29 downloads
USB Driver
Archive – 2,3 MB 30 downloads

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