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Aeronaut Plane BÜ 133 JUNGMEISTER 1.100mm Span # 134800 **

EAN 4012230077291
Difficulty level construction: expert
Model design: wood / GRP kit
Demand flying: advanced
Product type: powered model aircraft

The model of the Bü 133 C on a scale of 1: 6 is designed for electric drive by motors. In this version, the Bü 133 C model can be used to fly loops from horizontal flight, rolling, spinning and inverted flight. Take-offs and landings are problem-free.

Due to its flight characteristics, the little Jungmeister is very similar to its role model and brings the experienced pilot nice flying experiences.

It is controlled via rudder, elevator, ailerons and motor. The ailerons are located on the upper and lower wings and are linked by a rod. Microservos for controlling the ailerons are located in the lower wing.

Contents of the kit:

Detailed construction instructions, detailed construction plans with RC installation, GRP fuselage and a GRP engine hood with realistic indication of the sheet metal butt joints, wing shell construction in classic balsa wood construction, ready-to-use elevator and vertical stabilizer made of balsa in bar construction, ABS deep-drawn parts (radial engine dummy, Mudguards, exhaust pipes, windshield, cockpit), pre-bent wire parts for the landing gear and canopy, punched parts made of plywood, wheels, small parts and decals.

Weight [g] 2300
Length [mm] 1008
Span [mm] 1100
Wing area [dm²] 35.63
RC functionsElevator, ailerons, rudder, motor control