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Aeronaut Plane HEINKEL He 219 eagle owl 1.400mm Span # 134200 **

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Aeronaut Plane HEINKEL He 219 eagle owl 1.400mm Span # 134200 **
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EAN 4012230069289
Difficulty level construction: advanced
Model design: wood / GRP kit
Demand flying: advanced
Product type: powered model aircraft

This replica of a German night fighter from World War II was developed, after the convincing experience with “Skyraider”, for the drive with two 400-series motors with gearbox, fed by a 10-cell battery with a capacity of 1.7 Ah. The Panasonic SP and EX cells suggest an extension of the flight time of approx. 8 minutes by a further 1-2 minutes. In terms of flying, this model is a delicacy - beautiful, fast, agile and nonetheless uncritical to fly. Experienced model builders who are keen to experiment can increase the performance of the model by using 12 cells - see 'Suitable drives'.

With a span of 1400 mm, the two large engine nacelles and the double vertical stabilizer, the area was designed to be removable. With the ABS parts (cowling, transition from fuselage to wing, motor-nacelle wing), great importance was attached to the accuracy of fit. The transparent cockpit hood bears the marking lines of the metal frame of the original machine. The GRP hull and the motor gondolas, which are also made from GRP, are downright lightweights.

The wing and tail are made of balsa, with many precisely machined positions. Paper is provided for the covering - if only because of the camouflage painting. The landing gear was deliberately left out, as the extra weight and above all the great aerodynamic drag would have a negative impact on the flight characteristics. With a static thrust of more than 1 kg (depending on the drive), manual starts are problem-free. The battery is changed via the removable canopy.

Weight [g] 1750
Length [mm] 1035
Span [mm] 1400
Wing area [dm²] 23.28
RC functionsElevator, ailerons, rudder, motor control