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Aeronaut Plane KATANA DV 20 1.470mm Span # 134400 **

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Aeronaut Plane KATANA DV 20 1.470mm Span # 134400 **
EAN 4012230075631
Difficulty level construction: advanced
Model design: wood / GRP kit
Demand flying: advanced
Product type: Motor glider models

The katana (= samurai sword) is a prime example of a rational, market demand adapted further development of a successful type of aircraft, the Super Dimona, a light-engine aircraft that is impressive due to its beauty and performance. The prototype first flew on March 16, 1991, fuselage and tail units still from Super Dimona HK 36R (Rotax engine). The first DV 20 from the series then in December 1992. The machine is of course built entirely in GRP fiber composite construction - with all the advantages of this technology. Low cell weight, excellent aerodynamics and the resulting flight performance made them popular on the North American market unusually quickly.

Flying with the katana is completely problem-free. It can be flown quite quickly, but is inherently stable and absolutely uncritical. It is controlled via elevator, rudder and ailerons. Aileron control takes place via two servos in the wing halves (micro), so that a differentiation can be programmed exactly on the transmitter side. The best thing is flying up to about 20m height, half throttle, so you can best enjoy the beauty - accompanied by the subtle sound of the gearbox.

Simple aerobatics are easily possible but - the Katana is more of a travel machine!

The kit is largely prefabricated, only the fuselage has to be supplemented by installing wooden parts. The cockpit frame is complemented by a dashboard and interior made of ABS, plus an elegant canopy made of transparent plastic. The main landing gear is in two parts made of GRP, wheel covers are made of ABS. Access to the battery change and remote control is via the removable canopy with cockpit.

The model kit contains:

Detailed construction instructions with photos of the construction stage, detailed construction plans with RC installation, fuselage and bonnet made of GRP, ready-to-use wing halves in rib construction, horizontal stabilizer with rudder, rudder, stamped parts made of 3mm plywood, aluminum chassis, cockpit frame, dashboard, cockpit interior, wheel covers made of ABS, transparent canopy, wheels, small parts and decals.

Wing loading [g / dm²] 52
Weight [g] 1200
Length [mm] 1000
Span [mm] 1470
Wing area [dm²] 26.75
RC functionsElevator, ailerons, rudder, motor control