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Home » Aeronaut Plane Luscombe Silvaire 8 1.600mm Span # 136900 **

Aeronaut Plane Luscombe Silvaire 8 1.600mm Span # 136900 **

EAN 4012230112282
Difficulty level of construction: beginners
Model version: wooden kit
Demand flying: advanced
Product type: powered model aircraft

It was a revolution when the Luscombe Model 8, later called Luscombe Silvaire, entered the market for two-seater light aircraft in 1937, because the aircraft had a fuselage with a self-supporting metal outer skin and was thus far ahead of its time. The construction was perfected in 1946 with a new wing with a self-supporting metal outer skin. Another special feature was that the boxer engine was completely disguised. Other manufacturers later followed these technical innovations given by the Luscombe Aircraft Corporation. The construction of our model was heavily inspired by the original. Especially the self-supporting outer skin made of very light but stable balsa wood, which receives useful reinforcements where forces are introduced, gives the trunk, Tail unit and wing halves have a high surface quality and of course stability. The wing halves are stored in the fuselage so that they can be plugged into the fuselage using lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber rods, so the model is easy to transport despite its impressive dimensions. Building the model from precisely laser-cut components becomes an easy undertaking. The components are interlocked in such a way that construction errors can practically be ruled out. With the help of the construction instructions with 3D construction stage drawings created in the well-known aero-naut style, the construction success v. a. even in the joint construction project in youth groups adjust quite quickly. Our designer also paid special attention to good and safe flight characteristics thanks to a profile specially modified for our Luscombe Silvaire. Since the original was also used as a training aircraft, our model is also very suitable for school operations and youth work. The model is ideally suited as a trainer, but stands out clearly from classic trainer models due to its semi-scale construction. Of course, experts will also enjoy the moment when they let their individual aero-naut Luscombe Silvaire float a few meters above the square. Since there are around 2,800 originals worldwide and many of them in great color designs, our Luscombe Silvaire is also very suitable as a first semi-scale model. The creation of a clean and, above all, individual finish using iron-on foil will also be very successful for beginners thanks to the load-bearing outer skin of all assemblies. All assemblies are provided with iron-on foil before they are finally assembled and since there are no complicated shapes and open ribs, beginners can easily create their own special model. Multi-colored designs are very easy to create. Experts can definitely consider a GRP finish. As a drive, the designer has provided a motor with approx. 300-350 watts, which is connected to 3-4S LiPo with 3,000 mAh and an aero-naut CAMcarbon Light-Prop 10 × 6 ″ to 11 × 5 ″ for enormous starting power and very efficient and economical half-throttle performance. The stable and dimensionally accurate construction also allows aerobatics and thanks to the good control effect over all axes, the model can be flown precisely. The very low minimum speed can be reduced even further, if the ailerons are configured as so-called flaperons on the transmitter side, d. H. the ailerons can also be lowered as landing flaps. The model kit contains: All wooden parts required for the construction, precisely laser-cut, cut spars, curved chassis with tires, articulation parts, surface struts, Bowden cables, detailed construction instructions with 3D construction stage drawings.


Length [mm] 910
Span [mm] 1,600
scaleapprox. 1: 6.6
Weight [g] 1,950
RC functionsElevator, ailerons, rudder, motor control