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Home » Aeronaut Plane Luxx electric flight model 1.300mm Span # 132700 ***

Aeronaut Plane Luxx electric flight model 1.300mm Span # 132700 ***

EAN 4012230111841
Difficulty level of construction: beginners
Model version: wooden kit
Demand to fly: beginners
Product type: E-glider models

Models that can be built intuitively and quickly are the goal of every development at aero-naut. Due to the great demand for flight models that are still built from real kits, our Luxx has now been created. The flight model is made entirely of wood. For this, all parts were precisely laser cut and fit together very precisely. Luxx is aimed at model builders who want to experience real model making again, but who do not want to wait for weeks of building units. Due to the simple construction with a box fuselage, a construction time of only a few evenings has to be planned until the model is completely covered and ready to take off. The wings were developed with a modified profile, which guarantee both uncritical flight behavior and the possibility of doing somewhat faster flights. Even thermal sailing is easily possible with Luxx. The structure is completely ribbed and is carried out using the tried and tested aero-naut slipway. Due to the precise degree of prefabrication, the construction of the entire area can be done in approx. 1-2 hours. The removable canopy gives access to the motor and battery without having to remove the wing to change the battery. Simple motors in the 150W power class with a 2-3s LiPo are suitable as a drive, which enables very good climbing performance and faster flights. The model is ideal for promoting young people in clubs, schools and associations. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions and the largely prefabricated parts, joint construction progress is easy to achieve, even with different craftsmanship. The model kit contains all laser-cut wooden parts to build the model, aero-naut slipway, pine bars, rudder linkages and Bowden cables, various small parts. A detailed illustrated construction manual leads to quick construction success. The following parts are also required to complete the model: covering film, electric motor, folding propeller and spinner, battery, RC components.

Span [mm] 1,300
Length [mm] 920
Weight [g] 750
Wing area [dm²] 21
Wing loading [g / dm²] 35.7