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Aeronaut Plane Triple RES 1.900mm Span # 112801 **

EAN 4012230112305
Difficulty level construction: advanced
Model version: wooden kit
Demand flying: advanced
Product type: glider models, e-glider models

Comfortably sail in the thermal, take off on a rubber rope and take part in a RES competition or celebrate brisk aerobatics - all of this is possible with "Triple". This completely newly developed model concept offers a shapely fuselage with V-tail (to be set up either as a glider or as an electric glider - both versions are included in the kit) and three different spans. All wings can be attached to the fuselage at will. Without any tools, with a strong magnetic lock. This means that a quick change is also possible on the flight site. “Triple speed” has a wingspan of 178 cm, a simple V-shape and long ailerons. The profile has a straight underside and enables fast flights and wonderful glider aerobatics. "Triple RES" has a wingspan of 199 cm and a higher V-shape than the "Triple thermic". In accordance with the RES competition regulations, the model is only controlled via rudder, elevator and spoilers. "Triple thermic" has a wingspan of 255 cm and is equipped with ailerons and spoilers. The profile is designed for thermal flights and gives the model good-natured and powerful flight performance.

The slender hull of the sailor offers the best aerodynamic properties. The electric hull is only a little wider in the front area, can comfortably accommodate 28 mm external rotor motors and offers space for a 3s LiPo up to approx. 2,500 mAh.

Common to both fuselages is the removable canopy with magnetic lock and a fuselage cover on the underside, behind which the servos for the V-tail are hidden. All models are built entirely in wood and thus follow the aero-naut proven principle of model construction. The hull is constructed from poplar plywood and balsa. The innovative plug-in system enables quick and distortion-free assembly. The V-tail is also put together from laser-cut parts and glued to an extra slipway supplied. The wings are built in rib construction, have continuous pine spars and a box with grooves so that they can be set up quickly and easily on any level building board. The trailing edge paneling is also grooved so that nothing can be done wrong with the position of the ribs.

The kit is also ideal for youth work and for joint building projects in clubs. The model kit contains all laser-cut wooden parts to build the model, pine bars, rudder linkages and Bowden cables, various small parts.

A detailed illustrated construction manual in the tried and tested aero-naut 3D style leads to quick construction success.

Suitable drives for version e-gliders can be found at the bottom of this page. A 3s ​​LiPo with dimensions of up to approx. 80 x 35 x 25mm is best suited as a battery, as this battery size can be installed directly in the compartment provided at the center of gravity. Larger batteries also fit under the large canopy.

Servo up to size 11.5mm for ailerons, up to size 10mm for airbrakes

Individual parts:

Triple speed wing pair Order no. 1128/10

Wing pair Triple RES Order no. 1128/11

Triple thermal wing pair Order no. 1128/12

Span [mm] 1,900
Length [mm] 1,220
Wing area [dm²] 36.3
Weight [g]> 850
RC functionsElevator, rudder, airbrakes, motor control