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Home » Aeronaut Plane SAILSPEEDY 1.210mm Span # 131900 ***

Aeronaut Plane SAILSPEEDY 1.210mm Span # 131900 ***

EAN 4012230088174
Difficulty level of construction: beginners
Model finish : Foamie
Demand flying: advanced
Product type: Glider models

Shapely model glider made entirely of hard foam. Excellent flight characteristics due to low weight and V-tail. The extensive prefabrication of the model guarantees short construction times. In the fuselage and wing, there are even recesses for servos, cables and RC systems. A high level of strength is achieved through additional carbon fiber spars for the fuselage and wing. Sailspeedy is prepared for control via 3 axes (aileron, elevator, rudder), but can also be flown without any rudder. It is suitable for slope and thermal flight.

Weight [g] 350
Length [mm] 950
Span [mm] 1210
Wing area [dm²] 17th
RC functionsElevator, aileron, rudder