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Aeronaut Plane FAIRCHILD A10 E model 1.310mm Span # 133400 **

EAN 4012230057217
Difficulty level construction: expert
Model version: wooden kit
Demand flying: advanced
Product type: powered model aircraft, jets

This model-like replica of a US fighter aircraft is a fascinating and unusual aircraft in many ways. It's not a “sprinter” but has other benefits that were more important to our choice. Above all, the large wing volume and the twin-engine concept created good conditions for a low wing loading, combined with a very good engine. Our A-10 was designed to be powered by 2 “Race 400 plus” motors, fed by an 8-9 cell battery up to 1.8 Ah. As an option there is the equipment with 2 impellers, Turbo-Fan 1000, for the Mabuchi motor class 540 BBVZ in series, with 14 NC cells 1200mA, size P-90. The model is controlled via elevator and ailerons, sensitive speed control is a must here. Flight characteristics can be described as completely uncritical, whereby the model can also be flown relatively quickly. The standard version of the model includes a strong undercarriage that makes ground starts easy on a hard slope. Hand starts are also not a problem. For this “operating mode”, the model without chassis, but with a recessed grip, is better. The model is available in two variations: 1. completely in wood construction (body + rib surfaces) 2. with GRP body and rib surfaces

Wing loading [g / dm²] 50
Weight [g] 1500
Length [mm] 1005
Span [mm] 1310
Wing area [dm²] 24.76
RC functionsElevator, ailerons, motor control