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Aeronaut Plane STARFLY E-glider 2.500mm Span # 132100 **

EAN 4012230065496
Difficulty level of construction: beginners
Model design: wood / GRP kit
Demand to fly: beginners
Product type: E-glider models
Wing loading [g / dm²] 34.1
Weight [g] 1600
Length [mm] 1135
Span [mm] 2500
Wing area [dm²] 46.95
RC functionsElevator, rudder, motor control

Aeronaut Starfly

Order no. 132100

Thanks to the span of 2500 mm, the model is still clearly visible even at greater distances (and heights), literally pushing you into new regions. Installation of spoilers is highly recommended - a suggestion is shown in the construction plan.

Complete stability in circles, very good assertiveness, excellent cross-country flight. Our newcomer does not mind wind speeds of 8-10 m / s, he prevails.
The planetary gears that are already in use today allow significantly more powerful engines. With brush or brushless, high-speed motors, the use of significantly larger propellers with significantly higher efficiency is possible.
In order to avoid a bad purchase, we recommend contacting the manufacturers of the motors. Companies like Reisenauer,
Kontronik, Plettenberg, Koehler etc. will give you exact combinations of drive components.

In this upper class our offer:
Actro C8 motor with actronic 45 controller and a 12 x6.5 CAMcarbon propeller.

It is controlled via elevator and rudder, the motor is controlled via a micro switch with soft start or a controller. The spoilers (optional) are each controlled by a micro switch.

The construction of the model is made much easier by a GEK fuselage, but the wing is more complex. Middle parts have a two-spar construction (both spars already with incisions for the ribs, reinforced on both sides with pine strips), outer parts are generously dimensioned with a main spar. The surface is in two parts, joined together by two steel pins of 6mmø. It is mounted on the fuselage using two dowels and two plastic screws. Access to the motor / gearbox, controller and RC system as well as changing the battery is easy thanks to a quickly removable canopy.

The kit contains: detailed construction instructions with photos of the construction stages in German, English and French, detailed, clear construction plan with RC installation, white-colored GRP fuselage with ABS canopy, all parts pre-machined or punched from balsa and plywood, tools and small parts are included in the kit at.

Technical specifications
Span approx. 2500 mm
Length approx. 1135 mm
Volume of the wing approx. 46.95 dm²
CPR - content approx. 6.4 dm²
Total surface area approx. 53.35 dm²
Gepmetric plug-in 1.30 p.m.
All-up weight approx. 1600 g
Wing loading (on the wing) approx. 34.1 g / dm²
Total surface loading approx. 30.0 g / dm²
Suitable drive for 3s Lipo Art.No.
Johnson 6421 7.2V with gear 2.85: 1 order no. 712023
with folding propeller 13x6.5 order no. 723458
spare Parts
GRP fuselage order no. 132102
Canopy Order No. 132104