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Home » Aeronaut Plane AEROFLY e-flight model 2.550mm Span # 132900 **

Aeronaut Plane AEROFLY e-flight model 2.550mm Span # 132900 **

EAN 4012230000701
Difficulty level of construction: beginners
Model version: wooden kit
Demand to fly: beginners
Product type: E-glider models
Wing loading [g / dm²] 29.4
Weight [g] 1500
Length [mm] 1095
Span [mm] 2550
Wing area [dm²] 44.6
RC functionsElevator, rudder, motor control


The RC model Aerofly was developed especially for the friends of RC motor gliding. Aerofly has all the advantages of a modern motor glider model, and it can be equipped with both an electric motor and a combustion engine. For both versions the prefabricated parts are included in the kit.

Due to its aerodynamically well-designed shape, the model impresses with best flight performance. The propeller drive offers several advantages over the conventional arrangement of the motor in the fuselage nose. A better efficiency of the drive is achieved and the motor with propeller can no longer be damaged during hard landings. The canopy is removable, the wing is in two parts, the one-piece horizontal tailplane is bolted to the vertical tail. The overall construction of the model is very simple. Aerofly a model that makes model flying even more beautiful.

The model kit contains:
Detailed building instructions in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian, building plan with exploded drawing and parts list, prefabricated, stamped and milled components made of balsa wood and plywood, strips, wire part, canopy, stringing paper, decals, Bowden cables and many small parts, such as rudder horns, hinges, clevises, cabin lock etc.