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Burning fuel RC HELI / PLANE 5% nitro / 4 ltr / 1,06 gal BRN5P-4 ****

Burning fuel RC HELI / PLANE  5% nitro / 4 ltr / 1,06 gal BRN5P-4 ****
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Only pickup due to fuel legislation, only larger packages can be shipped (MOQ)

Burning fuel belongs to an European chemical group that is well known to the world of RC models and it has an unprecedented experience in the manufacture of fuel for our micro motors. Synergy with other industrial chemical activities allow this company to make a careful selection of their suppliers and of the raw material with higher degrees of purity.

This company has also the most advanced analytical instruments which are essential to ensure the quality of the production of the fuel and its development in the future. It has ISO 9001 certificate since the year 2000.

The fuel of Burning fuel is available in two sizes : 1L & 4L.

The 1 litre can is the standard plastic can. There are 12 cans per box (MOQ).

The 4 litre can is new on the market. It is made of metal, which allows the fuel to retain its properties longer. The 4 litre capacity is also closer to the one gallon cans (3.8L) that are increasingly seen on the market. There are 4 cans per carton (MOQ).


Transport :
Fuel is shipped directly from the factory, see specific transport conditions.

Legislation :
SEE Regulation (EU) No 2019/1148 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019

For Belgium , see Central Directorate for tackling serious and organised crime, Terrorism Branch.