Resorts for flying
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  • Official Modelairfields - Modelvliegvliegvelden - Modellflugplatze
  • Waterflying - watervliegen - wasserfliegen
  • Glider Slopes - Zwever hellingen - Segler Pisten - see below
  • Indoorflying - Indoorvliegen - Hallenfliegen
  • Indoor CAR tracks offroad
  • Indoor CAR tracks onroad
  • Outdoor CAR tracks offroad
  • Outdoor CAR tracks onroad
  • Boat clubs & water


  • RC Hotels - Pensions - Gasthof

Missing a location ? Mist u een locatie ? Fehlt ein Ort ?

If you only know the website of the location it could be sufficient ;)

Extra information / not mandatory if website is submitted, only advised :

Google location :

Go to Google maps (, select location you want to select, click on left mouse to select (hold for few seconds), then you see a location on the bottom of your screen, first part is Longitude, second part is Latitude, fill this in :

Existing sites / locations :

Remarks :

  • Always get permission from the owner
  • Always take care that you are full insured
  • Always follow the local and national legislations and rules


We are not responsible for wrong use of this map

In the past we've setup an overview of all the local hobbyshops, here you can see the results, we are all hobbiest ;)