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Home » RBC Funflyer Delta 400 WING 530mm Span kit # DEL04 *

RBC Funflyer Delta 400 WING 530mm Span kit # DEL04 *


Delta 400 RBC kits

  • Cells 3s- lipo
  • Power req :Brushless drive Typhoon 6/15 or equal
  • Controls: 2x servo
  • Including: horns cables etc
  • instructions and superb cad drawing 
  • Wood build precision kit
  • instructions are download 


Delta 400  Updated for Brushless Drive

Excellent flying, designed for combat, easy launching by hand, easy flying even for the lesser experienced.
Building can be done in a week of evenings and you don't need a big building table
You need two micro servo's and a micro receiver and a Brushless drive and 3 lipo cells ,This combination will give approx. 6 minutes of combat flying time.
This is a picture from the final type
Flying weight is <400grams wingspan is 530mm
The Delta 400 is easy to built and not to difficult to fly.
The rudder can easy be removed for transportation.
This is the kit , it contains all cnc cut parts and a rolled drawing this also includes
templates for easy cutting the wing sheeting to cover the Delta 400.
Delta's are great for club combat.

This product has to be build complete, many handwork needed. Any experience in building and flying RC planes or RC boats is required.

This producs containts only the kit (wooden parts), pictures showing the already build version incl all options :
Not included :

  • All the needed hardware
  • All the electronics
  • Battery
  • Transmitter
  • Servo's
  • Gear
  • Landing gear / wheels
  • Canopy
  • Tank
  • Control Horns , Steering Cables,etc
  • Decals

For additional info go to RBC Kits