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Robbe LIMIT PRO ARF FULL GRP/CRP Glider hotliner 1.700mm Span # 2642 *


EAN 9010189150299


The "LIMIT Pro" is a classic hotliner in modern CFK/GFK shell construction with first-class all-round flight characteristics and impressive design.

With the drive of the PNP version, breathtaking climbing flights are achievable. Reached altitude is spontaneously converted into forward speed.

Low overflights with high speed are spectacular and demonstrate the performance of the model.
"Limit Pro" can also be flown softly and is a good choice for updrafts. Therefore the model is also suitable for a more comfortable operation.

The handling is always easy and well controllable and will not cause any difficulties for the experienced pilot.
"Limit Pro" is available in two versions (ARF/PNP). With the PNP version the drive is already installed, as well as all servo and the wiring.


Box contents

- Model in full-GFK/CFK construction, multi-coloured lacquered in form
- various small parts
- Manual and German/English/French

Flying weight : 1.350 gram

Length : 1.350mm

Spannweite :1700mm


Rewuired / not included :

Lipo : 4S/3200-4000mAh LiXX




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