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Robbe Beginner WINGO 2 Waterplane KIT "YOU CAN FLY" +BL motor+ESC+SERVOS 1.100mm Span # 2656+floats *


EAN 9010189179719

Span : 1.100mm

Wingo 2 for the joy of model flying, floats included

Wingo is one of the best entry-level model aircraft, which came on the market in 1998 and has been sold successfully worldwide for many years.
The model is now technically modified and available again.

The Wingo 2 is made of lightweight EPO foam and is therefore even more stable and durable. All previous wooden parts have been replaced by injection-moulded plastic parts, which simplifies the assembly and reduces it to a few hours. The wing is screwed to the fuselage dome with a 5 mm plastic screw. The wing struts can be attached without tools and give the Wingo 2 additional stability.

The brushless motor supplied is specially tuned to the Wingo 2 and gives the model good controllability even at low airspeed thanks to its pressure drive.

Both the motor and the speed controller are already wired and equipped with reverse polarity protection. Plug connections soldered ready for installation.

Motor and controller have power reserves to be able to use the Wingo 2 optionally also for the water start with float.
Therefore 2 propellers of different sizes are already included with the model.

The small 5 x 4" propeller is ideal for beginners as the Wingo 2 climbs away flat and does not have a large load change from idle to full throttle. This makes model flying easy to learn.

If you have practice and enough flying experience, the enclosed larger 6.7 x 3.5" propeller can be mounted. With this propeller the drive power increases by approx. 15%. The climb behaviour is thus increased and the propulsion power is strong enough to start the Wingo 2 with float on the water.

The power supply is a 3s 1100 mAh Lipo battery, which is also equipped with a reverse polarity protected plug connection and is available separately.

The new self-adhesive decor has been designed so that the top and bottom sides are very different. This means that the pilot can easily see the flight attitude of the model.
The detailed, illustrated construction stage description guarantees easy and safe
Final assembly.

This makes the Wingo 2 the ideal entry-level model with good-natured flight characteristics and also very suitable for beginner flight training in model flying clubs.

Developed and produced in Germany. A real "Made in Germany" product from Robbe Modellsport!


Box contents

- Foam parts made of high-quality EPO moulded foam
- Aluminium tail boom
- high-quality decal sheet
- Plastic parts set for quick assembly
- Brushless controller Ro-Control 25A BEC ready wired
- Brushless motor Ro-Power 2822-23 ready wired
- Airscrew 5x4"
- Propeller 6,5x3,5"
- 2pcs. S0009 Rovor Servos
- Seat shell
- EPS transport device
- Small parts
- extensive, illustrated assembly instructions in German/English/French


required / not included :

  • transmitter
  • reciever
  • Lipo : 3S/1100mAh LiXX


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