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Valenta #404S Ray X 4.000mm Span Carbon Spread F5J Light Glider *******


This product will be produced after the order is paid. After that we will contact you about all the options selected to confirm the order so that you will be 100% satisfied. As this is an handmade and custommade product, it takes a little longer as it is not in stock. The production-time at the moment is approx. 3-4 months, based on our experience the last period. When we will receive the order we can give a more accurate production-time.

At the moment we’re suffering a lot of increase of shipping costs and production costs, therefore prices could be higher then you would expected, we’re very sorry for this.


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Here are the specs of the product :

The Ray X is produced in several material versions. It is produced mainly for the F5J and F3J category. In 2013 Mr. Vojtech Valenta senior won first place in the International F5J competition in England with Carbon Spread tow 3.8m version.

As a sport or competition model it has great flight characteristics, especially in flat field thermal conditions, but also preforms very well as a slope glider. The Ray X has a slim fuselage, with a 30mm spinner size for electric motors. The model is made with a wingspan of 3820mm and 4000mm and with X tail full floating elevator.

Material versions: Special very light carbon spread tow version – model is good for F5J competition flying. Producing models between 1300 to 1650 Grams all up flying weight

Standard glass (GFK) version – model is for sport and thermic flying, NOT for competition flying F5J.

D-box version (the wing is strengthened by carbon D-box/70gr) – is good for slope flying or flat field aerobatics with electric motor.

Full carbon version (the wing is all strengthened by carbon/70gr) – the model is good for aggressive slope flying with powerful electric motor.

More information you can find in the Material section of the site

The model has three-piece wing, so for transport it can be packed in a box 180x10x40 cm. For this model you can buy a wing and tail protection bags made from lined silver foil, as well as for transport these can help protect your wings and elevator against the heat produced by the sun.

And for storage and carrying we offer our transport bag, which gives even more protection and is supplied with straps so can be carried like a Rucksack over your shoulders, or by handles like a case.

More information can be found in the Accessories section of the website.

  • Wingspan [mm] : 4.000
  • Category : F5J
  • Flying weight approx [kg] : 1,50-2,7
  • Scale ratio : na
  • Fuselage length [mm] : 1.575
  • Aerofoil : HQ 2,4
  • Surface wings [dm2]: 79,9
  • Amount of functions : 5
  • COG : 92-96 mm from leading edge

excluded :

  • All the electronics, props, motor, ESC, etc
  • Transport bags
  • Towing gear
  • Decals unless descriped or ordered optional

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