FMS Plane 1.280mm Glider Easy Trainer RTF FMS051V2-M2


EAN 4251014715756


If checking price to compare  :

This is the new complete Ready to Fly (RTF) version, not the PNP (Plug & Play) version

Also this is the new and bettter V2 version !! ;)


As a trainer and a glider, the FMS 1280mm Easy Trainer V2 is a plane most pilots can appreciate! RTF Kit (Mode 2 transmitter).

As a trainer and a glider, the FMS 1280mm Easy Trainer V2 is a plane most pilots can appreciate!

The upgraded 2212-2650KV motor gives fantastic thrust to weight ratio while being very efficient in flight. Expect 6-7 minutes of full-power flight time and up to 20 minutes with proper throttle management!

Thanks to the pusher configuration, the 1280mm Easy Trainer V2 can teach the pilot basic aerobatics with an added safety factor; it’s also a great FPV platform as there is no propeller obstructing the view ahead!

Assembled in as little as 5 minutes- the robust airframe is easy to build, repair and will stand up to rough handling with ease.

Can’t choose between a glider or a trainer? Why not have both with the FMS 1280mm Easy Trainer V2?

The RTF kit includes a 4 channel radio system, a 2S 7.4V 1300 mAh LiPo Battery and a charger.

Specs :

  • Simple, lightweight and robust
  • Dual purpose glider/trainer
  • Pusher configuration for added safety, great FPV platform
  • Vibrant red trim scheme
  • Belly lander configuration
  • Functional ailerons


  • Wingspan: 1280mm (50.4in)
  • Overall Length: 910mm (35.8in)
  • Flying Weight: Around 630g
  • Motor Size: 2212 - KV2650
  • Wing Load: 29.4g/dm² (0.06oz/in²)
  • Wing Area: 21.4dm² (
  • ESC: 20A
  • Servo: 9g x 4pcs

Included :

  • Charger
  • 4-CH transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Lipo 7.4V 1300mAh 20C

Excluded :

Transmitter battery