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Aeronaut Bullseye sailboat # 301300 **


EAN 4012230117485


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EAN: 4012230117485

Difficulty level construction: 3/5 (advanced)

Model version : kit with finished hull

Material hull: ABS

Length: 100cm

Product type: Sailboats


Our BULLSEYE is based on the Herreshoff BULLSEYE of the same name and is therefore a semi-scale model. The model construction has been adapted in many places compared to the original construction in favor of a lighter construction, whereby the good sailing properties of the BULLSEYE have been retained.

Nathanael Greene Herreshoff was one of the largest and most important yacht designers of the 20th century who lived in Bristol Rhode Island on the American east coast. He has constructed many successful regatta yachts and, among other things, dominated and shaped the Americas Cup with his J-Class yachts. But this big man also loved small sailing boats and has delighted the American east coast with some, in some cases very successful, one-size-fits-all classes. One of them is the Herreshoff 12 ½ footer, which has been built since 1914 and is still very popular today. From this boat, of which the Herreshoff shipyard has built over 300 units, Mr. Herreshoff developed the Bullseye.

The Bullseye has the same hull as the Herreshoff 12½ footer and also has two of the rigging variants of the same. The early boats have gaff sails, the more modern high sails. A big advantage of the Bullseye compared to its forefather is the wider side deck, the larger foredeck and aft deck and the closed bench seats. There is also a variant with a slip cabin, but it doesn't look very good. The Bullseye is also very popular to this day, there is a very active class association and also shipyards that are still building new boats.

The model construction:
What makes the Bullseye better than its ancestor is its wider side deck and closed seat throws. This means that no water can get into the cockpit while sailing and there is less water in the cockpit, in case it does happen. The result is safe sailing. The good sailing properties of the original have been retained in the model. It sails like the big ones, but also wants to be actively steered. The sails have to be opened to fall and the sails must be turned tightly. Gusts have to be sailed out by lowering the sheets or by a slight luffing. This ensures sailing fun and long-term fun with the model, which can be safely sailed up to three Beaufort. In addition, the model looks cute and has the potential to realize your own ideas. There are also no transport problems with the Bullseye,

The kit contains a large, deep-drawn plastic hull, all laser-cut wooden parts for expansion and assembly, laser-cut sails, mast, fittings, boat stand and 3D assembly instructions for easy assembly.

Width (mm]360

Length [mm]1,000

Mast height [mm]1,350

Draft [mm]115

Foresail sail area [cm²]4,980

Displacement [g]5,700

Reef limit6 m / s (3Bft)

scale1: 5



This is a kit and had to be build completely, there is no extra hardware and electronics in the kit other then mentioned above.

Excluded for instance :

  • Motor
  • ESC (Electrictronic Speed Controller)
  • Radio
  • Servo's
  • Battery
  • Reciever
  • Prop
  • Paint, glue etc


Needed to complete :

Advisable to use  / don't forget :