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Aeronaut UNICORN HM frigate (incl fittingset #326101) # 326100 **

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Aeronaut UNICORN HM frigate (incl fittingset #326101) # 326100 **
Sold out

EAN 4012230001791 (326100)

EAN 4012230001807  (326101) fittingset (included)

Difficulty level construction: 5/5 (expert)
Model version : Complete kit
Material hull: wood
Length: 725mm
Product type: Historic ships

The frigate UNICORN under its captain Nicholas Grant was involved in the battles of Lowenstoft, Bergen and the four-day battle in the 2nd Anglo-Dutch naval war, where the English fleet under Prince Rupprecht von der Pfalz and George Monck, Duke of Albemarie, fought one of the most difficult naval battles in history for the Dutch fleet under Michiel de Ruyter. A reconstruction that is exact down to the last detail (frame construction) with many prefabricated parts, all fittings are supplied in a fitting set. The reconstruction of the UNICORN, for which the original plans and documents of the British Admiralty, which have been preserved to this day, were used, enables the construction of a model that, with its magnificent, gilded carvings and the countless, lovingly worked out details is an incomparable showpiece for every connoisseur and lover of old ships, whose highest expectations and demands this model will surely exceed. A top model for real experts. The model cannot swim!

The model kit contains: detailed, multilingual building instructions with construction plan, printed obeche wood, plywood, linden wood and cardboard parts, round wood, pine, balsa, walnut, abachi and grating strips, boat decks, sails, silk for flags, etc.

The fitting set is included and consists of: blocks double and single from 3mm to 12mm (total of 341 pieces), buffers from 3mm to 12mm (total of 130 pieces), 91 fixing nails, 21 Cleats, 38 eyelets, 18 eyebolts, 7 rigging needles, 6 rope pulleys, racks with rivets and klotjes, 30 guns, 4 stick anchors, ship's bell, 2 dinghies, 26 handrail supports, 3 lanterns, English coat of arms, rose ribbon, 60 gun port fittings, 8 scuppers, flags and Whipping twine in 7 thicknesses (approx. 133 meters). All fittings are also available individually.

Width (mm] 150
Total sail area [dm²] 25.09
Height [mm] 670
Length [mm] 725
scale 1:50
Draft [mm] 58

This is a kit and had to be build completely, there is no extra hardware and electronics in the kit other then mentioned above.

Excluded for instance :

  • Motor
  • ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
  • Radio
  • Servo's
  • Battery
  • Reciever
  • Prop
  • Paint, glue etc


Needed to complete :

Advisable to use  / don't forget :