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Aeronaut SANTA ELENA (incl fittingset # 327001) # 327000 **

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Aeronaut SANTA ELENA (incl fittingset # 327001) # 327000 **
Sold out
EAN 4012230001821 (327000)

EAN 4012230001838 (327001) fittingset included

Difficulty level construction: 5/5 (expert)
Model version : Complete kit
Material hull: wood
Length: 845mm
Product type: Historic shipsThe SANTA ELENA, a Venetian merchant ship from the turn of the 15th to the 16th century, was probably the largest and undoubtedly the most modern and best-equipped ship of its time when it was launched. For 15 years she sailed the Mediterranean, the Atlantic coast, the North and Baltic Seas with a rich cargo. The reconstruction of the SANTA ELENA, for which, in addition to engravings and paintings, documents from the procurator's palace and the city treasury of Venice were used, gives the opportunity to build a model that is not only a lasting pleasure in its execution and accuracy, but also represents a lasting high value. It is a gem for connoisseurs and an attractive task for lovers of old ships.

The model kit contains: detailed building instructions with construction plan, printed obeche wood, plywood and cardboard parts, round wood, mahogany, abachi and pine strips, boat decks, sails, silk for flags, etc.

The fitting set is included in this set and consists of: Blocks double and single from 3mm to 12mm, juffers, cleats, 28 bolt sockets, 12 swivel arms, ring bolts, eyelets, pulleys, chains, scuppers, whipping twine, etc. .

Width (mm] 162
Total sail area [dm²] 23.7
Height [mm] 630
Length [mm] 845
Draft [mm] 60

This is a kit and had to be build completely, there is no extra hardware and electronics in the kit other then mentioned above.

Excluded for instance :

  • Motor
  • ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
  • Radio
  • Servo's
  • Battery
  • Reciever
  • Prop
  • Paint, glue etc


Needed to complete :

Advisable to use  / don't forget :