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Aeronaut Plane Ka6E glider model 3.600mm Span # 112700 **

EAN 4012230105451
Difficulty level construction: advanced
Model design: wood / GRP kit
Demand flying: advanced
Product type: Glider models

The original Ka 6E glider from Schleicher Werke was made entirely of wood and was the last model to be manufactured in this construction until 1970. It was developed as a single-seat high-performance glider and is still in service with over 400 airworthy copies. The Ka 6 is also known as the Rhönsegler.

The kit of our model comes with a GRP hull and the wooden kit for the rib surfaces. The large canopy is made of transparent plastic. The flight behavior of the Ka6E is quite good-natured, although the model was originally optimized for high performance. Tight circles and good climbing values ​​in thermals are emphasized by the properties that are particularly pronounced for slow flight.

The kit contains:

  • Large GRP hull with plenty of space for interior construction (e.g. retractable undercarriage optionally possible)
  • large transparent canopy
  • Milled and laser-cut  wooden kit  for wings and tail units
  • Construction plan with instructions.
  • Airbrakes

Technical specifications:

  • Span [mm]: 3,600
  • Length [mm]: 1,590
  • Weight [g]: 4,600-4,900
  • Surface profile: SB99 mod