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Home » Aeronaut Plane Jodel D.9 BeBe 2.400mm Span # 131200 **

Aeronaut Plane Jodel D.9 BeBe 2.400mm Span # 131200 **

EAN 4012230097855
Difficulty level construction: expert
Model version: wooden kit
Demand flying: advanced
Product type: powered model aircraft

The Jodel D.9 BéBé is a single-seat sport aircraft designed by the French designers Edouard Joly and Jean Delemontez. They started development as early as 1947 and flew the first prototype with the identification F-WEPF in January 1948, motorized with a two-cylinder boxer engine with 18 kW output. From 1952 onwards, the aircraft was also copied by amateur aircraft manufacturers in Germany, but it was not approved until 1958. Several thousand copies were made worldwide by amateur construction and are still flown to this day. The model was constructed on a scale of 1: 3. The aim was to realize this popular aircraft model in a simple and robust construction as an everyday, sport and tow model, in an imposing size and yet easily transportable. The middle part of the wing is made of one piece (approx. 1.5 m), the ears are plugged in. The long and cushioned landing gear legs can be easily removed so that they do not get in the way during transport. The horizontal stabilizer is also screwed on and even the rudder can be removed in a few simple steps. The large model in wood construction impresses with its problem-free yet manoeuvrable flight characteristics and a great, realistic flight image. It enables an easy entry into the scene of prototypical large models. The model can be motorized with motors from approx. 20 ccm or electric drives from 8s-LiPo or LIon. There are no limits to the individual expansion of the model beyond the scope of the kit, corresponding models can easily be found by doing an Internet search. The kit contains all laser-cut wooden parts required for construction,

Span [mm] 2,400
Length [mm] 1,830
Weight [g] 7,500
Wing area [dm²] 99.5
Wing loading [g / dm²] 75.3
Surface profileNACA 2412 mod.
RC functionsElevator, ailerons, rudder, motor control