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Home » Aeronaut Plane Soleo flying wings 1.800mm Span # 132400 **

Aeronaut Plane Soleo flying wings 1.800mm Span # 132400 **

EAN 401223011746
Difficulty level construction: 3/5 (advanced)
Model design: wood / GRP kit
Flying requirement: 4/5 (advanced)
Span: 1800mm
Material hull: GRP
Length: 780mm
Product type: E-glider models

Soleo is a compact arrowhead wing with very balanced flight characteristics. He is a fast all-rounder and agile slope runabout, but he also pulls his circles calmly on the upswing. The recommended electric drive brings it quickly to a comfortable starting height.

With its compact dimensions and the two-part wing, the model can be easily transported and assembled on the airfield in next to no time.

Soleo has a white-colored GRP fuselage with built-in motor bulkhead and ribbed wings. The wing is created in a slipway that enables secure positioning of all components and a distortion-free construction. The wing is partially planked and has generously dimensioned rudder flaps.

Kit contents : GRP fuselage, laser and milled parts for wing construction, planking parts, slipway, 3D assembly instructions, various small parts.

The drive recommendation can be found at the bottom of this page. We recommend a 3S Lipo battery with 1800-2400 mAh. So servos you need 2 servos approx. 30 × 12 × 30 mm for elevator / ailerons.

Span [mm] 1,800
Length [mm] 780
Wing area [dm²] 54
All-up weight [g] from approx. 1,400 (with 3s Lipo)
Wing loading [g / dm²]from approx. 26g / dm²
RC functionsElevator, ailerons, motor control

We recommend two types of drive

ECO drive:

Engine:actro-n 35-4-790Order no .: 7003/11Regulator:actrocon 30 AOrder no .: 7003/32Propeller:CAMcarbon Z 13 × 6.5 ″Order No .: 7239/58Z-spinner:42 mmOrder No: 7251/76Clamping cone:5 mmOrder No .: 7123/05

POWER drive:

Engine:actro-n 35-4-1100Order no .: 7003/10
Regulator:actrocon 60 AOrder no .: 7003/34
Propeller:CAMcarbon Z 12 × 8 ″Order no .: 7239/50Z-spinner:42 mmOrder No: 7251/76
Clamping cone:5 mmOrder No .: 7123/05