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Aeronaut Plane Typhoon ARF 1.170mm Span # 136101 **

EAN 4012230094748
Difficulty level of construction: beginners
Model version : ARTF
Demand flying: advanced
Product type: Motor glider models

This kit is a prototypical replica of the ultra-light aircraft TL32 Typhoon. Due to the light GRP fuselage and the already glued rib surfaces (ARC) or covered wings (ARF), the model is ready to fly in a relatively short construction time. The flight pattern of the ground-launchable model is hardly inferior to that of its larger model. The model kit contains: detailed construction plan and instructions, white-colored GRP fuselage with already resin-coated wing attachment, fully glued rib surfaces with built-in servo shafts and pre-milled ailerons (ARC) or wings already covered with foil (ARF), CfK plug-in connection, elevator and rudder unit made of balsa, deep-drawn cabin hood, 3-leg spring steel chassis with wheels, decals and many small parts

Wing loading [g / dm²] 38
Weight [g] 850-900
Length [mm] 830
Span [mm] 1170
Wing area [dm²] 22.84
RC functionsElevator, ailerons, rudder, motor control