Klima Komet Me-163Deluxe Set 740mm rocketplane Kraftei

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EAN 9501728283139


Extensive product bundle with kit, decals, Beli-Zell adhesive
and a pack of propellants!
Dimensions of the finished kit:
Length: 470mm
Span: 740mm
Weight: 296g
Engine: D3-P

The legendary Me-163 with real rocket propulsion can be flown absolutely true to the original.
The model is remote controlled and is no problem for experienced model pilots.

This model is made of robust EPO molded foam and convinces
with amazingly good-natured flight characteristics after the burnout in gliding flight.


Required remote control: transmitter with delta mixing function, receiving system with two servos.
The kit is prepared by us for the rocket drive and only needs to be assembled. aluminum motor mount,
Linkages and small parts are included.
Not included are RC components such as receiver, servos and battery, paint, and a launch pad.