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Aeronaut Plane Triple Neo thermic E-glider 2.580mm Span # 112805


EAN 4012230113371


Wingspan [mm] 2580

  • Length [mm] 1200
  • Weight [g] ca. 980
  • Wing area [dm²] 47
  • RC functions Elevator, ailerons, rudder, air brakes, motor control


The successful models TRIPLE are expanded by a new version of the fuselage construction and now offer even more options for combining the fuselage and wings. The hull of the Triple Neo consists of a GRP fuselage and a carbon fiber tube that serves as the tail boom. Each model can optionally be built as a sailor or e-sailer. A special template is included with which the tip of the fuselage can be easily removed. Engine camber and side pull are automatically set correctly. The wings are built in a rib construction, have continuous pine spars and a grooving with grooves, so that the construction on every level building board can be done quickly and easily. The end strip planking is also grooved, so that nothing can be done wrong with the position of the ribs. This enables even beginners in wooden model making to quickly get to their own, perfectly built and flying model. The wings are built from lasered wooden parts. All parts are cut to size and do not require rework. Due to the simple and precise construction, model-relevant values ​​such as V-shape or EWD are automatically set and do not have to be done manually be adjusted. All three wings can be attached to the fuselage as desired, without tools but with strong magnetic security. So is a quick change is also possible on the airfield. "Triple Neo speed" has a wingspan of approx. 181 cm, a simple V-shape and long ailerons. The profile has a straight underside and enables fast flights and glider aerobatics. The EWD has been slightly changed compared to the "Triple speed" model in the all-wood variant, so that even faster flights are possible. "Triple Neo R.E.S." has about 200 cm wingspan and a higher V-shape than the "Triple thermic". The model is only controlled via rudder, elevator and spoilers. "Triple Neo thermic" has a wingspan of approx. 258 cm and is equipped with ailerons and spoilers. The profile is designed for thermal flights and gives the model excellent flight performance. The wings of the triple series with wooden fuselage also fit this new version. The model kit contains all laser-cut wooden parts for building the wings and tail units, white GRP fuselage and white ones Canopy, the well-known aero-naut slipway from Depron, pine stiles, rudder linkages and Bowden cables, various small parts. A detailed one illustrated building instructions in the proven aero-naut 3D style lead to quick building success. A suitable spinner and center piece for folding props are also included in the kit. The clamping cone depending on the motor shaft is also required.