Lipo battery marker full/empty (10pcs)


We've all done it before, you power up your model with a battery that you were certain was fully charged, but suddenly your model goes into LVC shortly after take-off, forcing you to make an emergency landing. It's very easy to lose track of which battery packs are charged and which aren't when you bring a box full of them to the field.

We now have a solution, the Turnigy Battery Charge Marker! This handy accessory sticks on to your battery pack with double sided tape and stays firmly in place. It features a sliding tab that simply and easily indicates whether or not your battery is charged. When you finish charging your pack, slide the tab to show the Green color (charged), when you take the battery out of your model after use, slide the tab to show the Red color (discharged). It's that simple!

Dimensions: 25x12x3mm
Weight: 0.3g