FMS Airplane Display Stand SILVER # FMSSTAND-V2


EAN 4251014771646


  • Multipurpose for Outdoor/Indoor display. 
  • Usage of Displaying Model Collections & Maintaining Model Airplanes. 
  • U-Type handles with sponge of low density protect the model collections from scratch. 
  • Nine Gears Adjustable Range : 
  • from 4cm to 112cm Span. 
  • from 14.5cm to 107cm Height. 


  • Weight: 1,5KG. 
  • Bearing: Around 50kg. 
  • Diameter of Aluminium Tube: 21mm. 
  • Folded Size: 107x41x7cm. 
  • Material: Aluminium of High Strength; Sponge of Low Density; Anti-Skid Engineering Plastics.
  • Available in Silver (in the pictures are different colors / models vissible, this is only the silver version.

Data sheet.

  • Manufacturer : FMS.

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