Aeronaut LaCap. di Venetia (incl fittingset # 325501) # 325500 **

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EAN: 4012230001760 (325500)

EAN 4012230001777 (325501) fittingset included

Difficulty level of construction: 5/5 expert
Model version : Complete kit
Material hull: wood
Length: 900mm
Product type: Historic ships

The LA CAPITANA DI VENETIA was the command galley of the Venetian Admiral Marco Quirini from the Battle of Leptano on October 7, 1571, in which the Christian fleet under the command of Don Juan d'Austrias defeated and destroyed the Turkish fleet under Ali Pasha. The model is a 1:50 scale reconstruction (frame construction) with many prefabricated parts, the carvings on the pupil's hut are delivered ready-made. The reconstruction of the LA CAPITANA not only gives the connoisseur and lover of old ships an incomparably elegant and splendid model, it is also intended for beginners, who, thanks to the numerous prefabricated parts, are given the opportunity to be the first ship to be a model of exquisite beauty and remaining high value to build.

The model kit contains: detailed building instructions with a construction plan in 5 languages, printed abachi and plywood parts, round timber, abachi, mahogany and pine strips, boat decks, sails, silk for flags and awnings, glue, etc.

The fitting set is included and consists of: carvings on the doll and doll hut, stern lantern, straps, blocks, cleats, rack with klotjes, cannons and much more ...

Width (mm] 152
Total sail area [dm²] 8.99
Height [mm] 560
Length [mm] 900
scale 1:50
Draft [mm] 40

This is a kit and had to be build completely, there is no extra hardware and electronics in the kit other then mentioned above.

Excluded for instance :

  • Motor
  • ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
  • Radio
  • Servo's
  • Battery
  • Reciever
  • Prop
  • Paint, glue etc


Needed to complete :

Advisable to use  / don't forget :