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Aeronaut Plane Lilienthal 32 1.190mm Span # 109100 **

Aeronaut Plane Lilienthal 32 1.190mm Span # 109100 **
Sold out
EAN 4012230107066
Difficulty level of construction: beginners
Model version: wooden kit
Demand to fly: beginners
Product type: Throwing glider

The further development of the popular training model Lilienthal 31 now has a fully wooden wing in the standard construction (Jedelsky). With this model there is no paper covering or treatment with tension varnish. This results in faster construction success. For impregnation, the wooden model is treated at least once with pore filler. Due to its low total wing loading of approx. 12 g per dm², this model has very good flight characteristics. The Lilienthal 32 is equipped with a curve control, which is activated after unlatching the high start line. All wooden parts are laser-cut precisely and are assembled according to the detailed and very detailed assembly instructions with many 3-D drawings. The kit contains: building instructions with numerous 3-D drawings, wooden parts made of balsa, abachi, Laser cut plywood, milled leading edge and spar made of pine. In addition, glue, trim ballast, sandpaper and the stickers are included in the kit.

Span approx. 1,190 mm

Length approx. 745 mm

Wing profile Jedelsky EJ85 mod.

Attention small parts! Not for children under 3 years.